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Our mission is to provide the financial expertise, the tools, and the most reliable and cost effective solutions to enable you to reach your financial goals, using tried and true Biblical financial principles.

 Financial Principles

1. Stewardship: You are the manager of the resources given you by God.

2. Spend less than you earn.

3. Avoid debt as much as possible.

4. Save regularly for yourself.

5. Plan for the future.

6. Tithe

7. Be generous

Our service is centered on you. Our approach is not to render a single transaction, but to serve you in such a way that you become a trusted lifetime client. We will work one on one with you to determine what your financial goals are. We listen. Since we are not captive to any one company we are able to search to find you the best solution. In our initial consultation we will:

1. Get a picture of your financial situation through a fact-finding assessment.

2. Understand what your short-term and long-term goals are.

3. Analyze your goals and educate you.

Then we'll do the research necessary to determine the best solutions for you.  If you so desire we'll help you implement the desired solutions. But that's not all! We'll monitor your situation periodically to make sure your plans are on track, that your goals are being reached, and to make adjustments where necessary.

All of these services are provided FREE OF CHARGE!

Whether you are a young person just starting out, or a senior citizen who is concerned about preserving the wealth that you have spent a lifetime accumulating, we have the guidance you need. Schedule a free consultation with us today at NAVFINANCIAL@navfs.com

I am happy to recommend Larry to anyone approaching retirement. His approach is low-key, but competent. I never felt any pressure from him to do anything. He simply met with me, listened to me, educated me on what my options were, and then we reasoned through the solutions together. He’s always available to me whenever I need him, even if it’s only to ask a question. In this world of low quality customer service Larry stands out as a shining exception.

R. Robinson
Kannapolis, NC

Expertise in:

> Senior Solutions

> Health Insurance (including dental and vision)

> Estate Planning and taxation strategies

> Wealth Preservation

> Special Needs Solutions

> Tax-Free Retirement

We also work with other area professionals such as attorneys and CPA's to implement your solutions that fall outside of our areas of expertise. In short, we take care of our customers.


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